pinhole glasses and sunglasses improve vision

Pinhole Glasses - How they Work

Pinhole glasses provide an infinite depth of focus when the eye is not correctly focused, the object will appear as if in focus. They eliminate scattering of the light to the retina and hence help to improve vision.

Pinhole glasses are designed to improve eye problems, especially eye focussing problems.

By looking through any pinhole blurred images become focussed. This is because the amount of peripheral light rays is reduced. With appropriately spaced multiple pinholes you will get clear straight vision without the difficulty of concentrating on a single hole. Regular use of the pinhole glasses helps exercise eye muscles and helps the eye to relax.

Wearing Pinhole Glasses while watching TV or reading instantly makes it easier for your eyes to focus with less strain

Pinhole glasses - How to use

To improve short sightedness (myopia) or blurry vision, use pinhole glasses for viewing sports, television, VDU or just looking around relaxing, for 30 minutes a day or longer.

To improve long sightedness (presbyopia), use pinhole glasses for reading or close-up work. Make sure you have enough lighting from behind you.

I personally experience better clarity and resolution of vision when wearing them. The ones I have are quite outdated but there are some Attractive designs on the market today.

Pinhole Glasses - The Benefits

Pinhole glasses improve vision clarity & resolution. Vision improvement is guaranteed - it is a scientific fact! Increases object brightness - ideal if you struggle with vision in low-light situations. Good vision at all distances

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Pinhole Glasses - The Science

The ancient Chinese discovered that light passing through a tiny pinhole makes an image on the background it falls upon. Aristotle (384-322 BC), the great Greek philosopher, expanded on this, laying down the principle of pinhole imagery.

The first known application of pinholes came over 1,000 years later when Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham), used the principle to invent the pinhole camera - a light tight box through which a pinhole on the front surface of the box allows direct light rays to enter and form an image on the back of the box. The idea of capturing an image drove inventors and scholars in Renaissance Europe to explore the science of pinholes further, discovering that light moved in straight lines, unless refracted by a lens or some media that acted like a lens.

This eventually led to the invention of the Camera Obscura capturing a large image through a small lens.

Pinholes have been used to aid vision for hundreds of years. There is evidence that Eskimo communities have used fabrics and wood with narrow slits in as a primitive form of pinhole glasses, in order to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun off the snow and ice for many centuries. In the mid 20th Century, pinhole glasses for public use were pioneered. Although the first prototypes of pinhole glasses were unattractive, heavy and cumbersome to use, technological advances in materials, lasers and production methods have meant that the pinhole glasses of today are high-tech in comparison.

The medical profession too have adopted the science of pinholes as a way to measure visual acuity and to detect refractive vision disorders in their patients.

Ophthalmologists often use a pinhole occluderto gauge visual acuity on a 20/20 or 20/50 scale, and also to determine the extent of a patient's refractive error (measured in diopters). This device is essentially a pinhole which is held very close to the patient's eye, and works on the principle that anything seen through a tiny hole will always be seen in focus. If the patient can see a target image through the pinhole more clearly than without the pinhole, then traditionally ophthalmologists prescribe eye glasses (logically, the ophthalmologist should prescribe pinhole glasses as he/she has just proved that pinholes do improve vision!)

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Eye Care

I recommend this terrific free site (Texas University) for Eye Information

( also see

Eye Exercises

Start with 5 minutes a day; later you may wish to increase to 5 minutes twice a day. These exercises are best done without glasses or contact lenses.

1. Palming - Cup your hands and place them gently over your closed eyes. Total darkness is very therapeutic and relaxing for the eyes. Palming may be done at any time during the day to revive tired eyes. Whilst palming your eyes perform the following exercise: Keeping your head still, look down as far as you can, then return your eyes to the centre. Continue by looking to the right as far as possible, up as high as you can and then to the left, returning the eyes to the centre after each movement. Repeat this 10 times.

2. Tromboning - Focus on an object, e.g. a pen tip, held at arm's length. Slowly (take at least 5 seconds) bring it in until it touches your nose, focusing on it all the time. Move in and out 10 times.

3. This is similar to exercise 1. This time focus on a pen or other object held in your hand. Hold this directly in front of you and move it slowly as far down as you can continue to see it. Focus on it all the time, wiggle it if necessary to help you see it. Repeat for the other directions, focusing on the object on the outward movement only. Repeat 10 times.

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Eye Nutrition

A healthy well-balanced diet is of great importance if you wish to maintain or improve your vision. Base your diet on wholefoods, eating plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and dairy products and keep tea, coffee and refined sugars to an absolute minimum. You will then be well on your way to improving not only your vision, but your health in general as well. Certain vitamins and minerals are of particular importance to your eyes:-

Vitamin A is helpful for many types of eye problem including poor vision in dim light or at night. Good food sources are: fish liver oil, liver, carrots, egg, cheese, butter, margarine, milk, green vegetables, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables.

B complex is required by the eyes to keep them healthy. A deficiency of B2 can lead to bloodshot, burning or gritty feeling eyes, cataracts and sensitivity to bright lights. Good food sources are, brewer's yeast, yeast extract, wheatgerm, wholegrain cereals.

Vitamin C has been found to be helpful in the prevention of cataracts and glaucoma. High concentrations of vitamin C are found in healthy eyes. Good food sources are: citrus fruits, other fruits including tomatoes, green vegetables, potatoes.

Vitamin E is needed to prevent cataracts. It helps to keep the blood vessels and retina healthy. Good food sources are: wheatgerm, vegetable oils, wholegrain bread and cereals, green vegetables.

Selenium helps to prevent cataracts and to slow the ageing of the eye. Good food sources are: fish and shellfish, sesame and sunflower seeds, wholegrain cereals.

Zinc is required in a high concentration for the retina to function properly. Zinc is also required to release vitamin A from the liver for use by the eyes. Good food sources are: shellfish, liver, red meats, eggs, sardines, nuts and seeds.

Note: Make sure to give your eyes time to adjust to the pinhole effect of these glasses. It may be distracting at first, but after a few minutes the brain disregards the holes and gives you clear vision. Blink your eyes more often then you would do normally.

Pinhole Glasses should not be used while you are driving, involved in sporting activities or operating any machinery.

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